Outsourcing your communications to us

you can outsource any part of your internal communications role to us“You have taken a weight off our entire business.  The best comms resource we could hope for, massive savings, and someone always available to help.  You have provided a specialist team in the place of a specific individual and saved us in the region of £40,000 in the past year alone.” JD, Dec 2017.

“Thanks to you all.  Our communications manager spent a wonderful 6 months on maternity leave and you not only covered her role but added value in areas that we were completely unaware of previously.  We will continue to work with you whenever we have too much on our plate, and I imagine we will never have to recruit again – you save us costs on so many levels and the service just gets better and better!” AM, Aug 2017

Rather than simply hiring us to undertake specific projects, a growing number of clients are choosing to outsource some or all of their communications function to us.  This tends to work in the following ways:

  1. Your communications director or manager develops a relationship with us, enabling us to provide what they need, when they need it.
  2. You don’t want to invest in a high-level communications director, so you ask us to perform that role.  We can do it in-house and remotely, saving you a huge amount of cost in the process.
  3. You ask us to work with you to build a strong communications strategy and plan, enabling your in-house team to implement it.  We are able to mentor your employees until they are able to go it alone.

In big businesses we may take-on specific tasks (by writing all speeches and blog posts, for example).  In smaller companies, we tend to take a more strategic and managerial role.


This has a number of immediate benefits:

  1. Typically, your in-house team will be populated by generalists. There’s just not enough budget to employ people to focus on each core skill. We have a team of specialists across the communications mix (from speech and article writing to strategic planning and messaging). You get to pick and choose.
  2. You cease to pay overheads and salaries. You just decide how much help you need and where and when you need it. We do the rest.
  3. We have worked with businesses big and small across the world. We have insight into (and contacts in) every sector from pharmaceuticals and education to banking and property. It’s almost impossible to employ a single person with that scope of experience.
  4. Our team co-ordinates holidays and projects. So you will never have to worry about covering or under-staffing. We always have someone ready to step in.
  5. The price of our team annually is often less than half of a single employee working in communications.
  6. We want to demonstrate how communications can become a profit centre for your business. It’s in everyone’s interest for us to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We will never plunge-in and try to pitch for the earth.  However pressing your need for a comms resource, we will always start with a small piece of work to check the relationship works and that we can exceed your expectations. We only want you to commit when we know this is going to work for us all.


We are currently working with clients in the following ‘outsourced’ roles:

Head of Communications

Speech Writer

Head of Internal Communications

Marketing and Internal Communications Manager

Communications assistant


In essence, you can outsource any or all of the skills listed here, including an audit to start the process.


Our aim is to provide work of the highest quality at all times. However, most clients are drawn to us initially by the huge cost savings that can be made by outsourcing work to us. We will, of course, provide tailored estimates once we understand your needs. Typically these will be 50% of the cost of a full time member of staff. We can work on retainer basis or can invoice monthly on the back of work completed. We will never start work until all budgets are agreed.


Outsourcing a function to us is clearly something that takes a great deal of trust. We promise to be available to listen and help whenever required. So please start by testing us – and call Seb for an introductory chat on +44 (0)207 118 1600.