Communications Audit

Performing a communications audit

It isn’t always easy to identify which areas of your team’s communications actually need improving.

For every call we receive asking for specific help, we receive another asking for ‘general’ assistance. That’s clearly a route to a large training budget with no guarantee of relevance. Which is why we developed our Communications Audit Service for business, teams and individuals.

The process is simple and self-contained, with no obligation for us to take on work for you afterwards. We will agree in advance, the areas you would like us to test and measure.

We will then come to your offices to carry out a series of activities. The results will enable us to provide you with a detailed breakdown of your performance and potential in any of these areas:

  • Written corporate communication – from web copy to brochures, presentations and advertising
  • Written personal communication for you and your team – including emails, proposals and presentations
  • Spoken communication from you and your team – presentation skills and telephone manner
  • Meeting and negotiation skills – tested through role play

Each of these activities can be tested, with results for the team and any individual within it mapped against a benchmark of other clients with whom we have worked.  As a result, you will have absolute clarity as to the strengths and weaknesses within your team and the areas requiring additional work and coaching. We would, of course, be delighted to take on that responsibility.

We have run comprehensive Communication Audits for individuals and large teams. Their results have often surprised those who have taken part (often for positive reasons). Benefits are clear:

  • An objective understanding of how you and your business can communicate better
  • A clear route to improvement through targeted coaching
  • Huge savings on unnecessary training
  • A business whose communication is aligned and fulfilling its potential

No two Communications Audits are the same. We will quote once we understand what you want to achieve. We can typically plan, carry out and measure an audit within a month.

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