Helping you communicate betterCommunications and speech delivery meeting with Lawrence Bernstein

Speech looming? Article pending? Sales pitch not quite doing the job? Or do you just sense that you (and your team) need some help with your communications?

We are here to help.

As our name suggests we originally focused on speech writing. But our Director, Lawrence Bernstein, previously ran a strategic brand consultancy and the combination of brand, marketing and communications expertise has enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of help and advice.

Clients tend to approach us from one of two angles:

  1. Some have a specific (and often very urgent!) requirement. Can we help write a great conference speech? Translate a great idea into a popular TED talk? Write a compelling article? Or add some magic to a crucial internal presentation?

Doing it well means gaining valuable insights into their world. Which means we are quickly able to turn-round work on related subjects. At which point, many ask us to look more strategically at their entire communications strategy, or to run a communications audit for their business or organisation.

2. Others prefer to start with the big picture, asking us to review their communications from the top down.  Where are they getting it right (and wrong)? How closely does their language reflect their brand values? How can they make their entire offering more relevant to their targets? How can better communications help them win more business / votes / support?

In short, if you’d like help with any aspect of your communications please give us a call. We are always  happy to chat  and have a tremendous track record of getting politicians elected, pitches won, reputations enhanced and funds raised  around the world.

We also run a range of outstanding courses on how to write and present for business as well as facilitating sessions for companies looking to define and articulate their brand.

“A huge thank you for everything you did for me in the decade. The speeches were brilliant and nothing was too much trouble for you. I can’t thank you enough. “
RM, January 2020